Frequently Asked Questions


The SPEED LIMIT is 5 MILES per hour at the Boulevard Drive-In.  PLEASE PAY ATTENTION WHEN DRIVING IN THE THEATRE! There are KIDS and ADULTS walking around, playing and having a good time, especially when it gets dark.

The playground is OPEN!  Parents, please keep an eye on your children when they are playing. We are a MOVIE THEATRE not a BABYSITTING SERVICE.

Pets are welcome! Please keep them on leash and pick up after them.

TRAIN: Yes, trains are cool!  Please stay at least 30ft away from the train tracks!  If a train conductor see’s anyone closer than 30ft they WILL call the Police!  And we don’t want anyone getting hit by a train.  The railroad owns the land 30ft both sides of the track, it is their private property.

The concession stand is OPEN!!  We do not allow grilling of any kind.

No outside alcoholic beverages allowed, we do sell Bud Light in the concession stand.

Please park so TWO CARS can fit between the speaker poles. Patrons may bring lawn chairs to sit outside their vehicles. Please place lawn chairs between your vehicle and the SCREEN; not beside your vehicle. Patrons may sit outside in pickup truck beds or inside an SUV with rear hatch open (not above your roof line).

Tune your car radio or portable radio to 89.7FM once you arrive to listen to the movie in stereo sound.  We also have speakers on poles that work!  (Rows 3, 4 and half of Row 7 have low sound and will require the use of FM Radio.)  If you find yourself with a dead battery at the end of the night, visit the concession area to get assistance with a jump start.

PLEASE KEEP ALL vehicle lights OFF during the movie.  If your lights will not turn off please cover them with a blanket, trash bag, cardboard whatever it takes to keep it as dark as possible for yourself and your neighbors.

Trash: Please take your trash to the concession area where you will find blue 55 gallon trash cans and recycle containers for aluminum cans.  The Theatre was clean when you arrived and we appreciate your help in keeping it clean. 

Customers who do not follow these rules will be asked to leave without a refund.

Our family owned theatre strives to provide “Excellence in Entertainment” for many more generations. Thank you for your patriotism!

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